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About Us

Lamington is the result of our desire to offer fabulous Australian artisan goods in creative surroundings.

We’re Leesa and Andrew, the people behind Lamington.

Not long after we met, we set off to explore the world, starting in the UK and working our way through France, Italy, Cyprus, the States and more. Everywhere we went, we did two things: immerse ourselves in the local food culture*, and seek out shops that sold local artisan and designer items, looking for souvenirs with that unique something extra.

“I always thought I’d love an Australian version. A shop for tourists to buy local and Australian-made treasures to take home as a memento of their holiday or to give as gifts.” –Leesa

After 14 years of travelling, we started a family and returned home to settle for a while. The time was ripe for Lamington: the uncommon gift store bursting with uncommon gifts.

Lamington’s stock is all designed by local and Australian makers.

Everything offered at Lamington has been handpicked by us and nothing on our shelves is ‘off-the-shelf’ at all! When deciding what to stock, we rely on gut feeling; trusting our intuition to know what will appeal to visitors. Whether it’s from a direct approach by the artist or from pouring over pages and pages on Instagram, we know that special feeling when something grabs our attention, and we trust that it will do the same for Lamington’s customers. Luckily, the large local population of Noosa designers and artisans means that visitors are always spoiled for choice.

As for the future, Lamington has already gone far beyond our original idea of a “modern souvenir shop”; it’s become a true one-off.

It’s not just visitors to Noosa that buy here. Local residents also love to pick up ‘treasures’ for themselves and often pop in for gifts to take with them when they travel, for friends and relatives abroad.

One final typical Lamington touch: not long after opening, the Australian bush turkey become the shop’s mascot. Providing a supply of fresh water outside means we have a steady stream of ‘customers’ dropping in at the Bush Turkey Bar! The only question is, who adopted who?

*And if you want to know what happened to their love for food, check out Leesa and Andrew’s Cook Noosa project.

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