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Why did the bush turkey cross the road? A LOVE STORY

Why did the bush turkey cross the road? A LOVE STORY

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Why did the bush turkey cross the road? A LOVE STORY 

  • A children's book for adults too
  • Parental guidance recommended
  • Written by Alectura Lathami AKA Leesa and Andrew Watson
  • Illustrations by Chloe De Freitas
  • Proudly printed in Australia by Eureka Printing
  • 22cm x 22cm hardcover book
  • 42 pages
  • A percentage of all sales donated to Wildlife Noosa



BOOK REVIEW by Tom Ellison

Noosa’s only ever had one real celebrity – a white bush turkey named Albi. Forget the former Prime Ministers, billionaires, and business barons who live here – they’re a dime a dozen. Albi is (or was) the real deal. He might not have been an Instagram influencer or soap opera star, but he was still a legend. Albi was the King of Hastings Street. He ruled the glitter strip. Albi was a boss. Bush turkeys are fantastic birds. Last year, they ranked fifth in an Australian “best bird” survey. Polling nearly 10,000 votes, they weren’t far behind the Superb Fairy Wren, a perpetual favourite. But although it’s hard to believe, not everyone is a fan. Just this week, a tenant in my apartment building stapled a tiny plastic bag of orange peel to a sign in the entrance way. “Don’t leave food scraps around. It will encourage the bush turkeys,” the sign said. “Bring it on,” I wrote underneath. “They were here first”. The sign’s gone now. Bush turkeys are one of the elements that make Noosa an iconic holiday destination, along with endless sunshine and a perfect beach. Places like the Gold Coast, best known for feral bin chickens, fake boobs and bikie gangs, simply aren’t on the same level. Anyway, back to Albi. After entertaining locals and visitors for years, he’s now been immortalised in print. In a love story, no less. “Why did the bush turkey cross the road?” tells the story of a relocated female turkey (affectionately called the village bike by Albi) trying to find her way home. She eventually makes it, despite a series of encounters with beer cans, bulldogs, and Bunnings sausages. In some ways, it’s an alternative tourist guide to Noosa, mentioning some of the less popular attractions like roundabouts and bat shit hailstorms. It’s also a kids’ book – with adult themes. Small humans will love it, but if they’re learning to read, a bit of parental discretion might be needed. Where can you get a copy? Local bookstores, and Hastings Street of course. Or online at lamington.au and bookaholic.com.au Book sales help support Wildlife Noosa.
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